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School Events Detail

Story Telling Competition




NGFS, 24th November 2019: A story telling competition was conducted for the students of classes 3rd to 12th in all the CBSE affiliated schools. It was done to give a platform for exploration of imagination and creativity as story telling is an art.

The competition broadly aims at

  1. Promoting creativity among students
  2. Promoting thinking skills
  3. Enhancing analysis and evaluation skills
  4. Developing communication skills

A team of teachers were involved in it. Responsibility for primary category was entrusted to Ms. Devjani Basu, for Middle Category was entrusted to Ms. Kanika Bahl, for Senior and Sr. Secondary was entrusted to Ms. Supahla Bhatt.

It was initially conducted at the school level, held in all the sections across all the classes at all levels. The topics were provided to students. Time duration varied from 2 to 3 minutes from primary to sr. secondary. One best entry in each category was selected. These selected students participated at Regional Level. The assessment criteria was creativity, fluency, content delivery, coherence, and expressions.

On 24th November 2019, the school uploaded the videos of the four best entries in each category on CBSE Story Telling App, topics for story telling at ‘Regional Level’ were provided by the CBSE.

The four winners from each category who participated at the Regional Level will be awarded a Merit Certificate. 

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  • Date: 02 Jan 2020