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About NGFS School

About NGFS School


We consider pre-primary stage as an important input in the strategy of human resource development and as a feeder and support programme for primary education. We aim at fostering the natural development of children and as such the curriculum at this stage is based on the nature and interests of children.

The Pre-primary sections of the school are located in spacious, airy and well lit classrooms. The pre-primary wing has an activity room with tempting play material. A specially designed play-way equipment is provided wherein the little ones develop physical fitness.


The school has a set of about 100 teaching staff who are well qualified and give their best to the students. Most of the teachers are post graduates in their subjects with teacher training while others re graduates with teacher training. Pre-primary teachers are graduates with training in Pre-primary education (Nursery training). Led by the energetic Principal Mrs. Protima Parbhakar, the teachers are highly motivated & deeply dedicated.


Realizing that in the harmonious development of a child, the parent’s influence has a great impact, the school, endeavours seeking parental cooperation. Research too shows that parents have even greater influence on their children’s academic results than what the school does. Keeping this in view, PTM is held on the last Saturday every month where the progress of children is discussed thoroughly.

Half day workshop of parents of the newly enrolled students (Pre-primary) is held in the beginning of the academic session for making them aware about the working of the school. Art of parenting at this stage of child’s development is discussed.

Similar Seminars/Workshops are held frequently during the year for the parents of the students appearing in classes X and XII wherein the importance of these examinations and their relevance in the lives of the students are discussed at length. Art of parenting at pre-adolescent and adolescent stage of development is highlighted for enabling the parents to understand their role in academic performance of their wards.


English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Social Studies Economics, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, History, Political Science, Commerce, Engineering Graphics, Fine Arts, Socially Useful Productive Work, Computer Science & Informatics Practices.


The school provides adequate transport facilities for picking and dropping the children. The School Bus service is available on selected routes in the neighbourhood.


The school is housed in Pucca building having playground for games like Basketball, Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Handball, Karate, Gymnastic etc. Facilities for Indoor Games like Table Tennis, Badminton and Yoga also exit. The school teams regularly participate in zonal and other Tournaments and have been winners on various occasions. Daulatram Memorial Basketball Tournament is organized each year in the school which is very popular amongst all the schools in Delhi.


The school lays a great stress on co-curricular activities such as Debating, Dramatic, Quizzing, Elocution, Public Speaking and Personality Development. Students participate in inter-school competition and win positions, get appreciation certificates and cash prizes in different fields. School organizes Over-Night Camps, Picnics, Grand-Parents Day etc. The students are divided into different Houses and inter-house competitions are organized on Saturdays.