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School Events Detail

Rapid Reading Competition




NGFS, 23rd December 2019: Keeping in sync with the series of innovation competitions launched by CBSE, a ‘Rapid Reading Competition’ was organized on 23rd December 2019 in NEW GREEN FIELD SCHOOL, SAKET. It is first of its kind. It was conducted at all levels, primary, middle, secondary and sr. secondary. A team of teachers worked for its success. Responsibility for primary level was entrusted to Ms. Devjani Basu, Ms. Pratibha, for middle level was entrusted to Ms. Kanika Bahl, for secondary and sr. secondary level was entrusted to Ms. Supahla Bhatt.

The competition broadly aims at:

  1. Pronunciation
  2. Clarity of Speech
  3. Intonation
  4. Voice Modulation
  5. Confidence
  6. Body Language

It was initially conducted in all the sections across all the classes at all levels. Three candidates from each section were short listed. Those shortlisted candidates were then assembled in the auditorium for the final show.

Each contestant was made to read a script on-the-sport which was challenging. The duration was 1 minute. Each contestant performed on the stage which eventually helps them overcome stage fright. The competition was judged by Respected Purnima Ma’am, Head Mistress of middle wing keeping in mind all the parameters as well as time duration.

Three winners from each class were selected. They will be felicitated with a certificate of Merit such innovative activities eventually help students to hone their skills. 

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  • Date: 06 Jan 2020